About Us

We initiate multi-dimensional and professional financial integration


Quercus Group was founded in 2013. The company is a diversified non-bank financial services provider, the company devotes itself to developing financial solution arranger, financial lease and other related financial services.



As a globalized company, Quercus has set up multiple subsidiaries in China, Australia and New Zealand,


Quercus believe that through the combination of our advantage in resource and expertise, local and oversea service and relationship and our market insight, we initiate multi-dimensional and professional financial integration so as utilize resources in the most effective way and maximize the benefit for investors and achieve win-win situation for the society, corporation and investors.

Global Strategy

At Quercus, Our vision is provide an adavanced finanical service to serve our clients. provide customers with "full chain, full product line financial solution." no matter what industry are, once we commited to approach the project, we will try our best to make it happen.

Our Team


We have an experienced, talented and dedicated team with backgrounds in financial industry, financing, operations management, financial analysis and investment banking. We leverage the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences of our employees to deliver innovative solutions to our clients, quick respond to opportunities, assess challenges and develop solutions, leverage relationships, and, because we excellence in what we do, we made it our first priority to serve the needs of our clients. This commitment is our key of corporate culture matters to our management teams.