Accounts Receivable Purchase

Unlock cash from your receivables

Improve your cash flow by monetising your receivables and protect your company against buyer credit risk with Quercus Accounts Receivable Purchase (ARP). Simply submit your invoices and credit notes to us, and we’ll give you access up to 80% of the value. You could also be guaranteed up to 100% credit protection against buyer default in the event of insolvency and/or if the buyer is unable to pay after a predetermined period of time following the invoice due date. You may even save on time spent collecting payments from your buyers because we’ll pick up the collection duties and provide the necessary reconciliation services to improve your efficiency.

How ARP works:


  • As the seller, you enter into a Receivables Purchase Agreement (RPA) with Quercus

  • We purchase your receivables and you legally transfer the title of the receivables to us

  • When the invoice is due, your buyers make payment directly to us or to your Quercus designated account


Benefits of ARP:


  • Non-recourse financing

  • Credit protection of buyers’ default risks

  • Collection and reconciliation of receivables
    from buyers


Quercus Leasing sells at fair value the account
receivable arisen from the lease to commercial
banks or other financial institutions.