Our company, Quercus Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and Quercus C. Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quercus Group and registered in Freetrade zone of Tianjing city PRC. We are committed to providing specialised leasing and asset-financing services mainly in sectors such as equipment manufacturing, transportation, public services, financial markets and institutions and worldwide businesses.


Quercus Leasing will maintain “integrity and sustainability” as the core concept, follow “servicing with quality, pursuing for excellence and cooperating with passion” as the business guideline, rely on the strategic collaboration with the partner's bank, we will inherit and extend its strengths, support and expand its main business profile, and provide integrated financial and advisory services domestically and internationally.


Financial Lease

Financial lease is a lease where the lessee chooses the asset to purchase on its own, and Quercus Leasing is only responsible for financing the purchase. Upon the maturity of the contract, the ownership of the leased asset will be transferred to the lessee at a nominal price. Qurecus Leasing is the legal owner of the leased asset during the lease term; whereas the lessee has the right to use the asset, and bears all the risks and benefits associated with the asset.


Sale-lease-back is a type of financial lease where the lessee and the supplier are the same, i.e. the lessee sells an asset to Quercus Leasing at market price and leases it back from Quercus Leasing. Quercus Leasing is legally entitled to the ownership of the leased asset, but essentially the principal benefits and risks associated with the asset are borne by the lessee.


Combination lease is a lease where Quercus Leasing purchases the asset from the manufacturer or supplier, and leases to the lessee. The lessee is only entitled to part of the economic interest associated with the asset; whereas Quercus Leasing is legally entitled to the ownership of the asset, and holds the residual value and other relevant risks associated with the asset .

Joint Lease

Joint lease refers to a business model where Quercus Leasing and other qualified domestic or international institutions (as the joint lessor) lease the asset to the lessee through financial or operating lease, to share market opportunities and leverage the advantages of the joint parties.


Asset Backed

Quercus Leasing classifies the leased assets into asset pools. After restructuring the risks and benefits associated with the assets, Quercus Leasing can either issue asset backed securities in financial markets, or entrusts trust companies to issue other financial products.

Cash Flow

Quercus Leasing, through flexible lease payment arrangement, helps clients smooth the cash flow of the client and reduce the one-off investment pressure.



Sub Lease

Quercus Leasing, as the first lessee, acquires the asset from another leasing company (the first lessor), and then, as the second lessor, leases the asset equipment to the end user. It is widely used in international leasing businesses to enjoy tax benefits and lower financing costs.


Leverage Lease

Leverage Lease is currently a prevailing business model in leasing industry. In order to provide an integral financing solution to the client, Quercus Leasing bears part of the financing obligation and uses it as ”the lever” to apply loans from banks or other financial institutions.



Advisory Services

According to the operating characteristics, financing requirement and financial position of the clients, Quercus customises the service package provided, such as credit checking and enhancement service and investment advisory solution.